Upcoming Pop Music Artist Bera

Today I’m going to talk about new and upcoming artist BERA. Beras nationality is Georgian, despite the fact that he was born and raised in France till the age of 16, that’s where he first discovered his love for music , as he recalls in his interviews he was interested in music from the early age of 3, Bera first started playing guitar, he was even composing his own songs by the age of 10, you could see that the boy had a talent in music. Then he moved on to drums, achieving moderate success on the instrument too, he frequently uses drums to compose drum beats to his songs. The skill he cherishes the most is the ability to play run 3 on the piano, he decided to learn playing on this instrument rather late in his life, but despite that, piano became one of his most beloved instruments. The piano parts in his compositions are exclusively played by him. After France, Bera moved to New York to pursue his dreams in music. Bera likes to put as much of his energy in the making of his songs as possible, as he says it creates that all around feeling of awareness of the songs he is composing, makes the songs sound more genuine. The song must firstly fully satisfy the needs of the artist, for it to make it to the outer world, that is the thing that Bera believes in.

That is why Bera has also taken on the role of producer of his popular music . Although he has been collaborating with several famous producers on his albums, like Rob Fusari also producer of Lady Gaga and Rodney Jerkins, producer of Michael Jackson. Bera decided to give producing a go, as he says everything can be mastered with hard work and dedication. So his next goal in the music sphere is to fully acquire the skills of producing and he is doing amazing by now producing his latest album by himself. Bera is trying to study every aspect of songwriting and producing, he tries to sharpen his skills every single day and looks forward to acquire new ones when the opportunity appears. Bera says that his love of music is the motivation of his life, it’s the one thing that keeps him moving. Reflecting on his career Bera thinks that fans play a very big role in his life, to know and feel that someone out there truly understands your art and supports every step you take forward is a very big thing he says. Even in the times when he shifted his music genre from Hip-Hop to a more Pop like style, fans supported him and stayed by his side nonetheless. He tries his best to meet his fans frequently because they give him the energy and incentive to compose French pop music , he is always happy to meet his fans after the concert, because it gives him an additional motivation to strife for more and more.

It’s the little moments in life that later turn out to be gigantic by its impact on life itself, Bera also had moments like this in his life. He recalls that once when he was on a party in New York he met Barry White, the person he looked up to all his life and whose music had a significant influence on Beras choice of composing genre. After they had a chat Barry asked him to play something on the piano and at that moment Bera realized that he couldn’t play anything, because he wasn’t ready on the level he felt was needed for the particular moment. This was a turning point in Beras life, because after this he decided that anything he puts his hands on, he will master it till the level when he feels fully comfortable with it, being it a musical instrument or anything else in life.

It became his life motto, that’s why he works very hard every day, Beras day starts on 7 am. with a training session, he believes that keeping your body strong is as essential as keeping your mind strong. That’s why Bera had never smoked cigarettes or tried any soft drugs in his life, for him keeping his body and mind clean is essential. After the training sessions he moves on to production of pop music in his home studio, this part of the routine he believes is the hardest and the most important element of the day, because here he tries to give all of himself to the making of music, for it to be as fulfilling and as genuine as he desires. Bera places very high standards for himself, because he expects more every day, as he says, that’s the only way an artist can progress in the sense of his art and his career.


Read About Flash Online Games And It’s Tips


Bloons Tower Protection is a preferred flash video game that has actually been progressing for very some opportunity. The first model ended up being so well-known that supporters of the game began requiring a part two. Ninja Kiwi, the maker of the hit activity responded. Today, you will discover Play the impossible quiz Game Online and numerous variations from the Bloons High Rise Protection Game, primary via 5.

Concerning the Game

Bloons High Rise Defense has you playing as an ape where you must come as lots of bloons as feasible. Relying on the variation you participate in Return Man 3 Game, you are going to either be firing the bloons down yourself or even setting up high rises where the apes will certainly shoot the bloons down accordinged to where you established all of them.

There are actually numerous upgrades along with various bloon kinds, various monitors, Special Representative Platforms, Unique Goals and also far more.

Just how the Activity is actually Played

Once you decide on which activity you wish to play Tunnel Rush Unblocked Game , you will read the straightforward on-line directions delivered. You will certainly at that point made towers throughout the panel that are in charge of obliterating bloons (or balloons). Relying on the setting you pick, you are going to be shooting tacks, stones or even some various other things to stand out the balloon.

As you obtain extra spots, you have the potential to update to better towers to ensure that you possess a much better chance from obliterating every one of the bloons. Since from the need to come as numerous bloons as possible, this activity may become promptly addicting.

There are various methods that you can pick: amateur, more advanced as well as innovative. This are going to establish exactly what devices you possess and also the amount from managements that you possess.

You may regulate the whole cupcakes2048.com game with your computer mouse. You will hit to either area the high rises on the activity board or even you will definitely have the ability to control your arrow in purchase to fire up at the bloons.

Tips & Techniques

The only means to accessibility each of the unique upgrades are with even more aspects. Spare up your aspects to have the capacity to upgrade to either a boosted firing span or to a better dart. Bear in mind that some bloons are actually more challenging to fire down in comparison to others, thus you will certainly require one thing of Online Cubefield 2 Game more powerful to pierce the balloon.

Job to opening fast-track method, which sets you back 3,000 Monkey Funds. This will definitely enable you to use your bloon standing out time much more successfully. It is going to permit you avoid earlier rounds and go in to Cycle 26.

This is where you really want to play Duck Life 4 Game Online and put the most monkeys. As long as the bulk of your apes are through the entryway and also no even further than the very first turn, at that point none from the bloons should be actually capable to receive previous.

You might additionally desire to save up for a Super Ape in order that you can easily delight in an even far better activity.


The internet site is actually entirely cost-free, permitting you to make an effort each one of the variations from Bloons High rise Defense to find which one you like much better. You do not need any type of unique equipment or even software program to play the game fudge. Just open up your internet browser, select which variation you intend to play as well as start watching the monkeys go to city on the other bloons.

This is just one of the a lot more calculated flash video games that you will find on the web. Some folks like Bloons Tower Defense 1 this finest while others prefer 4 or 5. You will certainly need to play them done in order to decide which one you like the most effective.

The moment you obtain participating in the game, go in advance and also “such as” the web site and share this with all of your friends. You will have the ability to track your development along with various success Best Games Online levels, allowing you to compare your abilities to your good friends’ skills.

Bloons High Rise Defense is a prominent flash activity that has been developing for pretty some time. The very first variation ended up being therefore well-known that supporters from the activity started asking for a sequel. Today, you will definitely find many models of the Video game, phoned number one through 5.

Once you select run3unblocked.net which activity you yearn for to participate in, you will read the basic on the internet directions provided. You do not need to have any sort of unique devices or even software application to play the activity.