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Compare renovation loans

Simulate your loan for energy-saving renovations. Together with us, you will find the cheapest renovation loan. Enter the desired amount and the period for which you want to repay it. We list the various providers for you. You can easily compare based on the annual percentage rate (APR), actuarial lending rate and the total amount to be repaid. We also provide a brief overview of the terms and conditions.

You can request a free quote via our website. We offer a representative example on our website. For example, we compare the rates of financial services, Renovation loan and refer you to the website of the financial institutions. This way you can immediately apply for the loan for your new kitchen online. When you reach a mutual agreement, you will immediately receive the money in your account after acceptance of your file.

What is a renovation loan?

What is a renovation loan?

Do you have plans to renovate or renovate your kitchen or bathroom, but don’t feel like using all your savings for this? Then you can also apply for green loans at a competitive rate. A renovation loan differs from a mortgage loan because you do not have to pass it to the notary. You take out your renovation loan will not ask you for a family insurance policy or to take out free current accounts. If you want to finance a renovation, it is best to opt for a renovation loan. Because the actuarial lending interest rate is substantially lower than with a personal loan.

Just as with mortgage loans, it is important that you can demonstrate that work will actually be carried out. For example, you must be in possession of, among other things, an expert report or a specification, otherwise the chance that the lender will grant you the loan is very small.

Green renovation loan

Green renovation loan

Before you take out a renovation loan, it is wise to check whether you will not carry out energy-saving renovations. This is because there is a specific category of green loans that offer an even lower interest rate.

On our site, you can anyway compare the various renovation loans to find out which is the cheapest loan. In the simulation, you can make a distinction between a normal renovation loan and a green renovation loan. In addition, you can see whether it is indeed cheaper to spread the repayment period over a longer period or to increase or decrease the amount. By using our renovation loan simulation we give you the guarantee that you will get the cheapest renovation loan.

Reservation commission

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It may happen that you do not need the complete renovation loan immediately at the start. In such a case, it holds part of the loan amount in custody. Although there is a price tag attached to it, the so-called reservation fee. That rate usually fluctuates around 0.1 percent.

Remember, take out a loan, make sure that you can repay the loan amount. Financial institutions that provide loans to individuals are, after all, obliged to pass on the name of defaulters to the credit center. If your name ends up on that list, it will be very difficult in the future to be able to take out new loans.

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